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Bio UK


Marc Bidou Composer, Author, Sound DesignerI was born in France next to Paris in 1967 and for my 13th birthday I’ve been offered a guitar instead of the motorcycle I was expecting for… Great idea from my mother that drove me to musical studies in a jazz school (CIM) in Paris during 3 years.For 10 years, I’ve been playing with many groups fusing rock, pop and jazz (Dr Lucky, Telegraph road, Laligne) as a songwriter and a guitarist both on stage and in the studio. I play multiple instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion...) Since 1997 I have been involved in music composition and arrangement, audio production and creation for live performance, image and songs.





Created in october 2010, the BIMM&S studio is dedicaced to the composition of original music for live performance, image and songs, arrangements, sound editing and songwriting.


Link to the album HIGHWAY TO ELLE